Monday, November 23, 2015

Blog post? Do you need that stinking blog post?

OK, so the fact that I have not written one blog post since August does not put me in the best light to have this conversation with you (yes kids, three months is WAY too long to go between updates if you want to be deemed relevant). I'll plead guilty due to excessive work writing the blog articles for my clients, Your Honor (true story).

That being said, the question of "Does anyone really still need a blog" comes up with relative frequency among my clients and their agencies. My answer is always, "Yes, blogs are great to have for a number of reasons." Here are a few:

1 - It provides updates to your website. Search engines love fresh meat.

2 - It creates relevancy for your website/brand. When the content is aligned with what you do, that's more meat for search engines to devour. It goes without saying that it should always be something your audience wants to consume ... and share.

3 - Blog content is not limited to living only on your blog/website.  The content (usually with some slight revisions) can be:
a. Shared as a guest post on another site.
b. Posted to LinkedIn Pulse.
c. Used as a public relations pitch or as a story pitch to become an expert contributor to a publication.
d. Repurposed as a handout for a presentation.
e. Rewritten/repurposed for Slideshare, for a Powerpoint presentation, or a webinar (a slide is a slide is a slide ...).
f. Used as the basis of a video that will be posted to your website, on your video channel of choice or sent via email to your lists.

Speaking of email ...

4 - Promoting a new blog article is a reason to touch base with your clients, prospects and associates with an email. Yes, Virginia, there really is still email marketing (just ask my colleague, Susana Fonticoba of Right Click Advantage).

5 - Keeping your blog current keeps marketing copywriters employed! (Shameless plug for copywriters.) We know you're concentrating on what you do best, what you like to do, what you're good at. Copywriters who get to know your business can help make life easier for you by helping you keep your blog fresh, updated and engaging while you  handle making boat loads of money. It's a collaboration you'll be glad you've engaged in. Really!

And no, it does not have to be me. But if you're interested in finding out more, you can send me an email ( or give me a call (201-791-4694). Sure, we have writers here that work in a variety of industries, but I'm always happy to recommend other writers who could be a great fit for your needs.