Saturday, December 29, 2012

It Was a Very Good Year

Wow, I've been so busy this fall that I did not even realize more than six weeks have scooted by since I last posted here (before Thanksgiving--and now it's nearly New Year's Day). I will never set any records for number of blog posts in a month or a year (never my intention) and really only write when I am inspired by something: a trend, an event, news, etc. My inspiration tonight, as 2012 comes to a close, is the busyness of my freelance copywriting business, and the appreciation I feel for all the clients--companies and agencies alike--that entrusted their wildly diverse copy needs to me this year (as well as in years past and, I hope, in the years to come!).

Like the shoemaker whose children have no shoes, I suppose I am the writer whose blog has no entries because of my workload. I haven't had time to think about a topic because I was blessed with a very full plate in that department. The months of November and December were a "be careful what you wish for" kind of time frame (you know, one of those "gee, I wish I had more assignments right now" times).

Before we close the door on 2012, I want to express a few things that have nothing to do with helpful tips or industry insights. They are just tidbits I want to share here.

Sincere gratitude
I was quite industrious writing website copy, press releases, and brochures; I edited a book of spiritual poetry and a proposal for a new cookbook for kids; and I'm looking forward to some new assignments already on my to-do list for January: expert byline articles, a community newsletter, more news releases, more websites. I am grateful I have the ability to do so and even more grateful that people want to hire me to do these for them.

Great connections
Another blessing for me is to be surrounded by so many smart people who are experts in their fields, from whom I learn something new every day about marketing, SEO, and various industries on the client side. To my colleagues, thank you for being more active bloggers, social network posters, and public speakers than I am, so I can continue gleaning useful information that makes me better at what I do.

Excellent opportunities
As an active member of NJAWBO (NJ Association of Women Business Owners), I have been given opportunities to share my expertise with others as a seminar presenter, as a contributor to the marketing of statewide and regional events, and a roundtable facilitator. Thank you to my sister members of NJAWBO for supporting me and recognizing that I actually know what I'm talking about sometimes!

Lots of fun
I love what I do--even on those stressful days when I'm not quite feeling the love. My job is perfect for me: it's never boring, there's always something new to work on every day, I get to learn lots of interesting things along the way, and I get to help other people build their businesses in some way (anyone who knows me personally knows how important it is to me to help others). Sometimes there's strategy involved, or I can get creative in the real old-fashioned ad agency type of way. Aah . . .

That's it. Nothing fancy or thought-provoking. Just appreciative and reflective.

I'm glad I'm me and that I do what I do.

Maybe we'll get to do some of that together in 2013.